Professional Development


A student may earn the CESR Certificate by following the Professional Development track. PossibleĀ opportunitiesĀ for participation within this track include the opportunities below:

  • Register with the RPI Center for Career and Professional Development
  • Attend seminars of Career Options and NSBE, SHPE and SWE, SASE workshops
  • Participate in URPs, REUs, internships, or co-ops
  • Apply for scholarships such as the Goldwater, Fulbright, and Rhode Scholarships
  • Study abroad
  • Apply to Graduate School
  • Participate in RCOS, use Center of Gravity
  • Athletic involvement, including outreach / mentorships
  • Take on a professional leadership role
  • Compete in “Change the World Challenge”
  • Compete in “Letter to Elected Official” competition
  • Prepare and present a Capstone project

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